Best YouTube Channels for Computer Science and Tech Learning

YouTube isn’t just a platform for entertainment; it’s also a valuable resource for education. Throughout my university journey, I’ve discovered several YouTube channels that have greatly enhanced my understanding of computer science and technology. If you’re looking to expand your knowledge in these fields, here are some outstanding YouTube channels you should explore:


3Blue1Brown is dedicated to teaching mathematics through visually engaging animations and clear explanations. If you want to make math both fun and accessible, this channel is a must-visit.

Ben Eater

Ben Eater, a hardware engineer and programmer, shares electronics and technology tutorials and demonstrations on his YouTube channel. If you’re passionate about electronics and technology, you’ll find a wealth of useful content here.


Numberphile is all about mathematics, offering interviews and educational videos on a wide range of mathematical topics. If you have a love for math, you’ll definitely want to explore this channel.


As the name suggests, Computerphile is dedicated to computer science, with videos covering a broad spectrum of topics in this field. If you’re interested in computer science, you’ll find a plethora of valuable content here.


Javidx9 is a game developer and programmer who offers programming tutorials and demonstrations on his YouTube channel. If you’re keen on game development and programming, you’ll discover a treasure trove of useful content.

Sebastian Lague

Sebastian Lague, also a game developer and programmer, shares programming tutorials and demonstrations on his YouTube channel. If you’re interested in game development and programming, you’ll find plenty of valuable insights here.

The 8bit Guy

The 8bit Guy’s YouTube channel is dedicated to the history of technology, with videos covering a wide array of topics related to computers and vintage electronics.

These channels have been instrumental in my educational journey, and I’m sure there are many more out there. If you have additional recommendations, please share them in the comments below.

This post is licensed under CC BY 4.0 by the author.